Hotspot Races 2018

  Video of Race 2





The first race of the sprint series will take place on Sunday 19 August 2018 from 150km.

All invoices will be sent out by Monday 12 August 2018.

We have had some nice rain in Cape Town which resulted in a few days where the pigeons were sitting and not worked on the road. That was part of the decision to move the race to the Sunday.

After the first race we aim to complete the sprint series as soon as possible taking into account the condition and returns of the pigeons. As it is distances up to 200km we do not foresee any obstacles.

Since the 100km training flight the losses have stopped and the birds currently in the loft are training really well.

Good luck to all for Race number one!

Please bear in mind that our intake closed two months later than the other one loft races and hence we do not follow the same timetable for racing as them.