Klapmuts Lofts 2018 – Rules of entry and competitions

We are accepting pigeons from now until the 30 March 2018.

Klapmuts Lofts has paid out all prize monies in every year of competition to date.

Young Bird Series – Sprint Series

What will make the sprint race series unique is that the payouts will be based on the average speed achieved per pigeon over the four races.

This means that the pigeon must be activated before the 1st race to participate in the series.

The competition winners will be calculated on total distance/total time flown.

The minimum distance will be 150km and the maximum 250km - 300km depending on the returns and the weather.

The cost of entries will be as follows:

The first entry must be paid in full at the loft = R 1 000 (Loft Fee R 500 plus Entry Fee R 500)

Loft Fee on the remainder of the entries into the loft – R 500 – Payable on entry.

The entry for the sprint series is R 500 – payable after the 100km training flight.

For 300 paid entries the payouts will be as follows:

 1st              R50 000

2nd             R20 000

3rd              R10 000

4th              R  5 000

5th -10th      R 1 000

If fewer or more entries are received the prize money will be adjusted in a corresponding ratio.

General Rules

  • In the unlikely event of an overnight race, where less than 50%of the pigeons have arrived on the day, we will take dark hours into consideration based on the rule as applied by the NRHU (North Road Homing Union).
  • Replacement birds will be accepted up until 15 April 2018.
  •  All birds entered at Klapmuts Lofts are owned by the Loft.
  • All pigeons in the Top 50 in the averages, in the Sprint Series, will be placed on auction provided the fancier does not elect to include them in the old bird series. The auction of the pigeon will be deferred in such case.
  • The split between the entrant and the loft is 50/50 after costs and provided the pigeon sold on auction for R 500 or more, provided;

that it is expected that the entrant will provide a pedigree or some detailed information on the pigeon to be sold. Failure to do so will result in the entrant not receiving his 50% share of the auction price.

  • If a pigeon is purchased from the loft and entered into the old bird series it becomes the property of the purchaser after the series has been flown, no further amounts are payable.

Old Bird series 2018

  • All pigeons in the loft may be held over for the old bird competition which will be raced over three races. This past year, 2017, the payouts amounted to R 95 000 over the 3 races for 95 entered pigeons. This will be the longest 3 races of the year.
  • The entry fee for this competition remains unchanged at R 1500.

Middle Distance Series

This competition is for all the pigeons that partook or were eligible to partake in the sprint series.

Once we complete the sprint series we will have the further two races with the following payouts, with for example, 200 paid entries at R 750 per entry.

Prince Albert 300km

1st      R15 000

2nd   R  8 000

3rd    R  2 000

4th    R  2 000

5th    R  2 000

The total Payout for the 300km race is R 29 000

Beaufort West 400km

1st      R 30 000

2nd     R 15 000

3rd     R 10 000

4th     R   5 000

5th     R   3 000

The total Payout for the 400km race is R 63 000

This means for an entry of R 750 the prize money competed for will total R 92 000.

The combination of the various formats will ensure that we reward the pigeons for doing well in averages and also those that prefer the longer races.

As I have always said, Klapmuts Lofts always has a very tough series and the fact that we have a sprint series does not indicate that the series will be easy as the pigeons have to deal with the mountains and the hawks which influence returns in all types of weather.

So if you have fast pigeons then the sprint series may be just what you need. If you have pigeons that prefer it tougher then you have the two longer races to compete in.


You can enter your pigeons online at www.klapmutslofts.co.za or download the entry form from the website.

If you need the pigeons collected at the airport you can contact Karel at 072 139 5412 or you can email him at Karel@klapmutslofts.co.za.

We look forward to receiving your entries.